Leading Asia Pacific STREAM
coding education program

Leading Asia Pacific STREAM<br />coding education program

Why Wonder code?

Open lab with award-winning robots, Wonder Fun Curriculum

Wonder Code is a leading K-12 coding education one-stop provider with a comprehensive set of curriculum and teaching programs aiming to prepare students for the necessary STREAM skills for the 21st century.

In partnership with Wonder Workshop, the leader of Silicon Valley-based award-winning coding education robots, the Dash robot is currently used in more than 27,000 schools in the United States. An easy and fun curriculum integrated with coding development and customized English levels to suit classrooms in schools and private educational institutions.

Easy-to-learn, scalable Python-centric coding training

Python, used in renowned corporations such as Google, Facebook, and machine learning, is easy to learn for beginners who are new to coding. In Wonder code, you can learn from the basics of Python to the use of direct text coding with Blockly for Wonder Code.

'Self-Induced Learning' System

Depending on each student’s competence and needs, even students who are young or don’t know coding can learn to code easily through personal progress.

In accordance with the institution, students and parents, we provide the liberty to decide the time and date best suited for the students.

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