Accessories for Dash & Cue

Dash Challenge Cards


Dash Challenge Cards teach the fundamentals of coding through fun robot games. Learn about loops, events, conditionals, sequences, and more while you play. This box of Dash Challenge Cards includes 24 Challenge Cards*, Solution Guide, and Sticker Sheet.

* To use these cards, you’ll need Dash the robot and the free Blockly app.

* Consult for details *

Test Mat


Roll out this mat for an instant, durable, washable canvas. Provides a 100cm x 120cm space for large-scale drawings.

Works with Dash and Cue. 

* Consult for details *

Launcher for Dash


Launcher is our customer-favorite accessory for the Dash robot. This fun accessory transforms your Dash robot into a projectile-launching machine. Through using the launcher, kids can learn how simple machines, like a lever, works while also learning about trajectories.

* Consult for details *

Xylophone for Dash


Now you can conduct a musical performance for family and friends using Dash’s Xylophone. Remake your favorite tunes or compose your own songs from scratch. You can turn into Beethoven while you program Dash through the Xylo app. Mallet accessory included.

* Consult for details *

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