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Coding educational programs can develop Computation Thinking (CT), a core competency in the digital age which easily teaches the principles and fundamentals of everyday electronics such as the internet, smartphones, and computers. 


Therefore, support for coding education has become widespread internationally at the governmental level. On September 2013, the British government officially announced the ‘Computer Education Guidelines for Children’ and have systematically conducted coding education in elementary schools. After designating 2014 as the ‘Year of Coding’ and launching various campaigns to raise awareness on coding education, in February 2014, 500,000 euros were invested in a teacher training program for coding education. 


To add on, countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, and Hungary are trying to fundamentally change coding education and digital education. Estonia has modified its curriculum to teach programming from the first grade of elementary school, and Finland is considering adding software education to math and science. 


In line with the universal trend, the global coding education brand ‘Wonder Code’ is designing coding classes that are essential for the education of future generations. Along with the establishment of Wonder Code Japan, a partnership with the prestigious Japanese education system FCE Group was announced.   


FCE Group is an education group that is attracting attention with the publication of a global bestseller ‘7 Habits’, a web-based class learning program that emphasizes active learning, a business diary called ‘Foresite’ for middle and high school students, and ‘RPA Robopad’ for work-life reform. 


Wonder Code is introducing a specialized curriculum linking various programs such as Wonder Workshop’s award-winning Dash robot and 3D Virtual robot implementation program. In particular, Dash Robot is used in the Wonder Fun curriculum which harmonizes English and coding into class. This helps attract the children’s attention which provides a learning environment that makes coding seem easy and entertaining to do. The Wonder Fun curriculum is designed to solve problems based on the story of Scholastic by applying fundamental coding concepts learned in each lesson.  


Wonder Code has established a B2B coding education service across the country centered on the Jamsil Flagship Center in Seoul, and has exclusive sales rights for Dash coding robots to Asia and Oceania through B2C business. Even organizations that have no knowledge of coding can receive training at a low cost and can conduct B2B coding education.


Wonder Code announced that with the partnership established with FCE Group, it is the first step towards global growth, and expects to take a foothold in children’s coding education in more diversifying ways.


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